Girly in Tulle

I used to absolutely despise tulle dresses because all I could think of were poofy prom dresses. I was definitely not the high schooler who showed up in a brightly colored long tulle dress. In fact I had this specific repulsion to those dresses. The reason for this distaste for the tulle prom dresses? I have no idea. I suppose its because I viewed them as tacky and ugly. However, after seeing Olivia Wilde in her beautiful purple lilac tulle dress in the Golden Globes, I started to be interested in them once more. Similar to a high school girl frantically looking for a tulle dress for Prom, I have been on the search to get the right tulle dress. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and elegant Olivia looked in this tulle dress:


I believe this was made by Oscar de la Renta. Well, the point is this dress was absolutely perfect. The lilac purple color complimented Olivia’s olive skin tone very well, and I liked that she didn’t choose to wear a necklace. Without a statement necklace all our attention was brought to her dress. I love that the tulle was layered with more fabric to give lots of definition to the skirt of the dress. Although I’m not in search of a dress to wear to an event such as the Golden Globes, I would love to have something similar. But, in a shorter version that I could wear to a wedding or event. I found some great picks here:

One that I already ordered is from Revolve Clothing. This one is a little bit different, but definitely suitable for a wedding or work event.



This dress is actually one of the options I’m considering for New Years Eve! If you zoom into the picture you’ll notice that the entire tulle skirt is covered with this sheer sparkly, black fabric. I love the sparkles on that finished layer, but I think New Years needs more sparkle than this subtle addition. Nevertheless, I love this tulle dress! The back is a little bit open, and the length is a little short, but its perfect since the tulle skirt is poofed out.

I like tulle dresses and skirts because they add a feminine touch to every dress. Even for a shorter dress like the one from Revolve, the tulle shape makes the dress look more innocent and thus appropriate for any event. The tulle fabric is the same fabric used to make a tutu, but most tulle dresses/skirts don’t extend quite so far out. I found another tulle dress that was more affordable than this one from Revolve, which is almost $200.


This dress is less formal than the black one, and maybe even a little more conservative. The tulle fabric lines the bottom of the skirt, with a polyester material as the upper coat of the skirt. The ballet flat tone of the skirt gives it even more of the ballerina look, but I think it definitely works as a fun dress for the day or for the night! And its from Tobi, so its a lot more affordable. Get it here!

Jazz Up Your Look with a Sequin Blazer

Do you want to add some pizzazz to your look but do not want to overdo it? How about trying on a sequin blazer?

You had a late night in the office and will be meeting your friends for drinks after work. With no time to change, you can just put the blazer on top of your work wear and you are good to go.

We are accustomed to wearing jackets, cardigans and sweaters so why would a sequin blazer be any different? Yes, it might be glittery but it’s not all like that.

Take a pick from Resultly’s website for a variety of sequin blazers to choose from. Cannot really handle being too glittery? Try out the Sam Edelman sequin blazer. Click here to see the sequin blazer search on Resultly.

sequin blazer

The sequins on the blazer are a bit toned down and are not really that flashy. The gold sequins will not make people turn at you and think you are a disco ball. What I have noticed is that a plus factor for this blazer is it snugs tight to your body which means it highlights the curves of your body without really making a lot of effort.

Going to a rock concert? You can wear the same blazer with a chiffon dress. Choose a pale color (pink or yellow) so that the blazer will stand out all the more. Pair it off with your leather boots for effect.

Are you ready for some attention? If you are, then wear this Zara sequin blazer for your next party.

sequin blazer

You might end up like a walking disco ball but hey if guys will be dancing with you, why not. Since you are already glittery enough to be noticed, you might want to tone down on what you wear as your top or bottom. Try going for the neutral colors like brown, black, white or beige so as your outfit will not look like it is screaming. Aside from the typical gold, silver and black colors, sequin blazers do come in various colors like hot pink, cyan and more.

This blazer fashion is not only for women but for men too. Remember Michael Jackson’s sequin blazers during his concerts? Of course not all men can wear that but there are those who can or attempt to like Pharrell Williams who wore a sequin blazer in one of the album launched that he has attended. Check it out here.

Williams has rocked the sequin blazer and looked great too.

Green Jacket That Rocks!

green jacket

There in no secret that to find a perfect green jacket is not that easy. (I got mine here: And I am pretty sure if you have tried to buy at least one of those, you know what I am talking about…

There so many choice of black, white, red jackets…But not so many when it come to green color. And lets not forget that green has hundreds of shades. Pretty much anything from light ming green to dark emerald one. So, how to pick the right color for you and the right style to be able to Rock the green jacket?

Lets start with the most important part-color. First of all you should know by your early 20 which shades are good on your skin. Do not jump for a light cold mint color if you have dark type of skin. You will not look hot in it! The easiest rule to follow- Dark (warm)colors look good on a darker skin, light (cold)colors on pale skin. The green is not an exception. Sounds very simple, right?

The other rule you should always follow that applies any type of jacket is that it has to fit you perfectly! There is nothing more unattractive than a girl in bulky, baggie jacket. Go and find the right size. Period.

Also, try to keep in your mind that green is the color of something clean, fresh and spring. Even though, one does not have to wear it only in the spring season…. It will flatter your look even more than , lets say in the fall.

My favorite color is emerald, so of course, I have more than just a couple of green jackets.  I would say at least four of them. It does sound like a lot, but for me it is not indeed! I love to wear it to any type of events, and even on a regular work day. I think nothing looks more chic to show up   to a party wearing the jacket, black pants and black top under it; and not to forget some goldish heels and a small clutch (black or gold).

And if you still afraid that green colored jacket is too much for your style, you can always wear it for Christmas time. We all know in that season everyone are obsessed with everything red and green. No one will even mention you are different from them.

The last tip: I know, most of you probably loving those green jacket or dress looks with red lipstick like one here. I know it, because I am loving it too! But! there is a Big Fat But! Red lipstick do not look good on everyone, so if the green color is already a challenge for you, do not try to do it all at the same time. Skip the red lipstick and try nude instead. You will feel more comfortable…

Good luck!

Platform booties fail

Real talk, I wore a pair of platform booties out to the club last night and lets say it was a memorable experience. I’ll start from the beginning.  A few weeks ago I downloaded this shopping app, Resultly. I had been looking for a pair of platform booties and thought Resultly would be a great place to look. I was right. They had a ton of platform booties options. Check them out here. I ended up finding this really sexy pair of booties on the app.

platform booties

They are from Bebe and I was able to directly order them from Bebe online. Yes, I know they are very tall and have a huge platform, but they are so cute.

When they finally came in the mail I was just dying to wear them. I planned my entire outfit around them last night. I was going clubbing with a group of friends, and my crush was going to be there so I wanted to look extra hot. I decided on wearing this sexy ultra short mini skirt from Express. I has a cheetah’s  face on it. I know what you are thing but it is actually really cute and matched perfect with my platform booties.

Mini skirt


I really wanted to go for that edgy vibe so my crush would notice me. We have the same circle of friends, but I knew tonight was the night to get out of the friend zone and have him see me in a different light. I wore a simple black tank top with and leather jacket to complete my outfit. I was looking good!

We headed over to my friends apartment to have a few drinks before we hit the club. Everything was going great. My crush was laughing and flirting with me, not to mention all the stares I was getting from all the other guys. My crush even complimented my new platform booties. How nice of him to notice right? That should have been warning sign one, but I was just to happy to even read into that.

After a few drinks (or five) we headed to the club. Since we had a table reserved we didn’t have to wait in line at all. Total VIP treatment. We met up with a few more friends and were popping bottles all night. I was also flirting hard with my crush, and it seemed like he was into it, but for some reason, this other guy kept interrupting us to talk to him. Seriously, back off and have your bromance later, this is my time.

My crush pulled me aside. He said he had to “ask” me a question. I knew what that meant. He wanted to confess his love to me. We walked over to the bar, and ordered drinks. Then he leaned in, I though he was going to kiss me, so I closed my eyes and pursed my lips. Well, he did no do the same. He then asked me what the hell I was doing. He wanted to ask me what I though of that guy who had kept interrupting us. Turns out he is gay, and I’m the last to know about it. What a let down. I mean good for him, but bad for me.

His crush walked over and  my ex crush shooed me away. I turned around to leave and stumbled, do to my platform shoes. Boy where those heels high and I was just the slightest bit tipsy. I landed face first on the ground. I looked up to my ex crush and his crush laughing at me. I was mortified. Lets just say I won’t be wearing platform booties any time soon.

Off Your Shoulder


I can not even tell you enough how much I love off shoulder tops! In my opinion, there is nothing more sexy, practical and easy to match with anything from your closet ever.

There are tons of reasons why I have at least ten of shoulder off tops in my wardrobe  right now. But here are some very important ones…

Reason # 1: Shoulder off tops look great on any type of the body. It does not matter if you are a skinny girl or not really. This style like this one here  is very easy to pull off for everyone.

Reason # 2: One can wear it with a skirt , another one with jeans and it will look awesome. I prefer to wear mine with dark blue jeans or white pants in the summer. I do wear it with skirts but only if I go out in the evening. I love the night look with a  black leather skirt and a red or black shoulder off top a lot! Especially, it look amazing with gold high heels ( or nude, if you want to make your legs look much longer).

Reason #3: Most of those tops could be styled differently. One day you can wear it off your left shoulder and another day off from your right shoulder, or even leave it off from both shoulders. How awesome is that? You can find tons of them in Victoria’s Secret easily.

Reason #4: It is super practical. I mean, it is very doable for work day or a night out. If I wear it to work , all what I have to do it is to put a blazer on top and I am ready to go. Nobody can say that it is too sexy or inappropriate. Especially, if after work you have somewhere fun to go with friends or your boyfriend, you just get rid of your blazer or whatever you wore on top in your office. In that case , it is a good idea to put some necklace on top or to wear some nice earrings.

Reason #5:Off shoulder tops are the most sexiest tops in the world! There is nothing can be more provocative than an open shoulder. It is not too much like open back or a deep cut in front. It is simply perfect enough to be sexy but not too sexy. If you know what I mean.  I always love wearing it on a date , of course with some nice high heels and gold jewelry.

If these reasons are not convincing enough, you have to go and try it anyways. Once you do it, you will love it. I guarantee.

My weekend outfit

Weekend street style is my favorite kind of style! I just love the chance to express myself in a way that I can’t during my nine to five. Apparnelty wearing cutoffs to the office is frowned upon by most people? This weekend I’m all about that chic and causal look.  I have found the perfect look for running errants, but then meeting friends for lunch. It is just causal enough to not look overdressed, but still put together. Because let’s face it, looking like a slob is never an option!

I love taking very casual pieces and dressing them up with a sexy pair of heels. This is also a great way to wear your more formal heels more than once. Check out my inspiration look below!

Take note of the alaia shoes!

weekend style


How perfect is that look? The distressed jean shorts and cute while the simple white shirt is ultra casual. By adding those stunning alaia shoes the outfit gets an instant touch of street chic! Her hair also looks great in a casual messy bun.  However, there are a few ways to improve this look!

While I love those alaia shoes, I think that this outfit would totally benefit form a little more color!  For a huge selection for alaia shoes check out Resultly. I love how strappy the shoes are too, and you can definitely wear them and still get major sytle points, however. I would probably rock these sexy red alaia shoes instead! You can find them on net-a-porter They will for sure add a pop to this look, plus are super super cute! They also take this outfit to the next level and a very fashion forward way.

Red Alaia shoes

I also feel like this look would benefit from a cool piece of statement jewelry. Personally, I would add a gold chunky necklace via nordstrom. It will give an edgier vibe to this overall look. Plus, gold will look really nice paired with the deep red color of the alaia booties! If silver is more your style, then you can rock a chunky silver necklace instead.


gold necklace

Between the alaie shoes and that chunky gold necklace the styling of this look is on point. I wouldn’t add any other accessories to this look. Maybe a small brown cross body purse of wristlet, but nothing that will distract from the look.

When it comes to the hair style for this look we have a few options. People seem to be obsessed with this messy bun craze. While I do like a good messy sock bun, and think it looks completely fine with this look, I think we can do better. Why not try some sexy waves or a blow out?  Mermaid waves would be perfect because they would still give you that messy casual vibe.

Long wavy hair will add a nice touch to this look and make it look super natural. However, if you want to rock that  messy sock bun, be my guest. Under no circumstances wear a hat though. That may be a bit overkill.

Well there you have it! Thats my weekend style!