Girly in Tulle

I used to absolutely despise tulle dresses because all I could think of were poofy prom dresses. I was definitely not the high schooler who showed up in a brightly colored long tulle dress. In fact I had this specific repulsion to those dresses. The reason for this distaste for the tulle prom dresses? I have no idea. I suppose its because I viewed them as tacky and ugly. However, after seeing Olivia Wilde in her beautiful purple lilac tulle dress in the Golden Globes, I started to be interested in them once more. Similar to a high school girl frantically looking for a tulle dress for Prom, I have been on the search to get the right tulle dress. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and elegant Olivia looked in this tulle dress:


I believe this was made by Oscar de la Renta. Well, the point is this dress was absolutely perfect. The lilac purple color complimented Olivia’s olive skin tone very well, and I liked that she didn’t choose to wear a necklace. Without a statement necklace all our attention was brought to her dress. I love that the tulle was layered with more fabric to give lots of definition to the skirt of the dress. Although I’m not in search¬†of a dress to wear to an event such as the Golden Globes, I would love to have something similar. But, in a shorter version that I could wear to a wedding or event. I found some great picks here:¬†

One that I already ordered is from Revolve Clothing. This one is a little bit different, but definitely suitable for a wedding or work event.



This dress is actually one of the options I’m considering for New Years Eve! If you zoom into the picture you’ll notice that the entire tulle skirt is covered with this sheer sparkly, black fabric. I love the sparkles on that finished layer, but I think New Years needs more sparkle than this subtle addition. Nevertheless, I love this tulle dress! The back is a little bit open, and the length is a little short, but its perfect since the tulle skirt is poofed out.

I like tulle dresses and skirts because they add a feminine touch to every dress. Even for a shorter dress like the one from Revolve, the tulle shape makes the dress look more innocent and thus appropriate for any event. The tulle fabric is the same fabric used to make a tutu, but most tulle dresses/skirts don’t extend quite so far out. I found another tulle dress that was more affordable than this one from Revolve, which is almost $200.


This dress is less formal than the black one, and maybe even a little more conservative. The tulle fabric lines the bottom of the skirt, with a polyester material as the upper coat of the skirt. The ballet flat tone of the skirt gives it even more of the ballerina look, but I think it definitely works as a fun dress for the day or for the night! And its from Tobi, so its a lot more affordable. Get it here!