Jazz Up Your Look with a Sequin Blazer

Do you want to add some pizzazz to your look but do not want to overdo it? How about trying on a sequin blazer?

You had a late night in the office and will be meeting your friends for drinks after work. With no time to change, you can just put the blazer on top of your work wear and you are good to go.

We are accustomed to wearing jackets, cardigans and sweaters so why would a sequin blazer be any different? Yes, it might be glittery but it’s not all like that.

Take a pick from Resultly’s website for a variety of sequin blazers to choose from. Cannot really handle being too glittery? Try out the Sam Edelman sequin blazer. Click here to see the sequin blazer search on Resultly.

sequin blazer

The sequins on the blazer are a bit toned down and are not really that flashy. The gold sequins will not make people turn at you and think you are a disco ball. What I have noticed is that a plus factor for this blazer is it snugs tight to your body which means it highlights the curves of your body without really making a lot of effort.

Going to a rock concert? You can wear the same blazer with a chiffon dress. Choose a pale color (pink or yellow) so that the blazer will stand out all the more. Pair it off with your leather boots for effect.

Are you ready for some attention? If you are, then wear this Zara sequin blazer for your next party.

sequin blazer

You might end up like a walking disco ball but hey if guys will be dancing with you, why not. Since you are already glittery enough to be noticed, you might want to tone down on what you wear as your top or bottom. Try going for the neutral colors like brown, black, white or beige so as your outfit will not look like it is screaming. Aside from the typical gold, silver and black colors, sequin blazers do come in various colors like hot pink, cyan and more.

This blazer fashion is not only for women but for men too. Remember Michael Jackson’s sequin blazers during his concerts? Of course not all men can wear that but there are those who can or attempt to like Pharrell Williams who wore a sequin blazer in one of the album launched that he has attended. Check it out here.

Williams has rocked the sequin blazer and looked great too.