Green Jacket That Rocks!

green jacket

There in no secret that to find a perfect green jacket is not that easy. (I got mine here: And I am pretty sure if you have tried to buy at least one of those, you know what I am talking about…

There so many choice of black, white, red jackets…But not so many when it come to green color. And lets not forget that green has hundreds of shades. Pretty much anything from light ming green to dark emerald one. So, how to pick the right color for you and the right style to be able to Rock the green jacket?

Lets start with the most important part-color. First of all you should know by your early 20 which shades are good on your skin. Do not jump for a light cold mint color if you have dark type of skin. You will not look hot in it! The easiest rule to follow- Dark (warm)colors look good on a darker skin, light (cold)colors on pale skin. The green is not an exception. Sounds very simple, right?

The other rule you should always follow that applies any type of jacket is that it has to fit you perfectly! There is nothing more unattractive than a girl in bulky, baggie jacket. Go and find the right size. Period.

Also, try to keep in your mind that green is the color of something clean, fresh and spring. Even though, one does not have to wear it only in the spring season…. It will flatter your look even more than , lets say in the fall.

My favorite color is emerald, so of course, I have more than just a couple of green jackets.  I would say at least four of them. It does sound like a lot, but for me it is not indeed! I love to wear it to any type of events, and even on a regular work day. I think nothing looks more chic to show up   to a party wearing the jacket, black pants and black top under it; and not to forget some goldish heels and a small clutch (black or gold).

And if you still afraid that green colored jacket is too much for your style, you can always wear it for Christmas time. We all know in that season everyone are obsessed with everything red and green. No one will even mention you are different from them.

The last tip: I know, most of you probably loving those green jacket or dress looks with red lipstick like one here. I know it, because I am loving it too! But! there is a Big Fat But! Red lipstick do not look good on everyone, so if the green color is already a challenge for you, do not try to do it all at the same time. Skip the red lipstick and try nude instead. You will feel more comfortable…

Good luck!

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