Platform booties fail

Real talk, I wore a pair of platform booties out to the club last night and lets say it was a memorable experience. I’ll start from the beginning.  A few weeks ago I downloaded this shopping app, Resultly. I had been looking for a pair of platform booties and thought Resultly would be a great place to look. I was right. They had a ton of platform booties options. Check them out here. I ended up finding this really sexy pair of booties on the app.

platform booties

They are from Bebe and I was able to directly order them from Bebe online. Yes, I know they are very tall and have a huge platform, but they are so cute.

When they finally came in the mail I was just dying to wear them. I planned my entire outfit around them last night. I was going clubbing with a group of friends, and my crush was going to be there so I wanted to look extra hot. I decided on wearing this sexy ultra short mini skirt from Express. I has a cheetah’s  face on it. I know what you are thing but it is actually really cute and matched perfect with my platform booties.

Mini skirt


I really wanted to go for that edgy vibe so my crush would notice me. We have the same circle of friends, but I knew tonight was the night to get out of the friend zone and have him see me in a different light. I wore a simple black tank top with and leather jacket to complete my outfit. I was looking good!

We headed over to my friends apartment to have a few drinks before we hit the club. Everything was going great. My crush was laughing and flirting with me, not to mention all the stares I was getting from all the other guys. My crush even complimented my new platform booties. How nice of him to notice right? That should have been warning sign one, but I was just to happy to even read into that.

After a few drinks (or five) we headed to the club. Since we had a table reserved we didn’t have to wait in line at all. Total VIP treatment. We met up with a few more friends and were popping bottles all night. I was also flirting hard with my crush, and it seemed like he was into it, but for some reason, this other guy kept interrupting us to talk to him. Seriously, back off and have your bromance later, this is my time.

My crush pulled me aside. He said he had to “ask” me a question. I knew what that meant. He wanted to confess his love to me. We walked over to the bar, and ordered drinks. Then he leaned in, I though he was going to kiss me, so I closed my eyes and pursed my lips. Well, he did no do the same. He then asked me what the hell I was doing. He wanted to ask me what I though of that guy who had kept interrupting us. Turns out he is gay, and I’m the last to know about it. What a let down. I mean good for him, but bad for me.

His crush walked over and  my ex crush shooed me away. I turned around to leave and stumbled, do to my platform shoes. Boy where those heels high and I was just the slightest bit tipsy. I landed face first on the ground. I looked up to my ex crush and his crush laughing at me. I was mortified. Lets just say I won’t be wearing platform booties any time soon.

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