Off Your Shoulder


I can not even tell you enough how much I love off shoulder tops! In my opinion, there is nothing more sexy, practical and easy to match with anything from your closet ever.

There are tons of reasons why I have at least ten of shoulder off tops in my wardrobe  right now. But here are some very important ones…

Reason # 1: Shoulder off tops look great on any type of the body. It does not matter if you are a skinny girl or not really. This style like this one here  is very easy to pull off for everyone.

Reason # 2: One can wear it with a skirt , another one with jeans and it will look awesome. I prefer to wear mine with dark blue jeans or white pants in the summer. I do wear it with skirts but only if I go out in the evening. I love the night look with a  black leather skirt and a red or black shoulder off top a lot! Especially, it look amazing with gold high heels ( or nude, if you want to make your legs look much longer).

Reason #3: Most of those tops could be styled differently. One day you can wear it off your left shoulder and another day off from your right shoulder, or even leave it off from both shoulders. How awesome is that? You can find tons of them in Victoria’s Secret easily.

Reason #4: It is super practical. I mean, it is very doable for work day or a night out. If I wear it to work , all what I have to do it is to put a blazer on top and I am ready to go. Nobody can say that it is too sexy or inappropriate. Especially, if after work you have somewhere fun to go with friends or your boyfriend, you just get rid of your blazer or whatever you wore on top in your office. In that case , it is a good idea to put some necklace on top or to wear some nice earrings.

Reason #5:Off shoulder tops are the most sexiest tops in the world! There is nothing can be more provocative than an open shoulder. It is not too much like open back or a deep cut in front. It is simply perfect enough to be sexy but not too sexy. If you know what I mean.  I always love wearing it on a date , of course with some nice high heels and gold jewelry.

If these reasons are not convincing enough, you have to go and try it anyways. Once you do it, you will love it. I guarantee.