My weekend outfit

Weekend street style is my favorite kind of style! I just love the chance to express myself in a way that I can’t during my nine to five. Apparnelty wearing cutoffs to the office is frowned upon by most people? This weekend I’m all about that chic and causal look.  I have found the perfect look for running errants, but then meeting friends for lunch. It is just causal enough to not look overdressed, but still put together. Because let’s face it, looking like a slob is never an option!

I love taking very casual pieces and dressing them up with a sexy pair of heels. This is also a great way to wear your more formal heels more than once. Check out my inspiration look below!

Take note of the alaia shoes!

weekend style


How perfect is that look? The distressed jean shorts and cute while the simple white shirt is ultra casual. By adding those stunning alaia shoes the outfit gets an instant touch of street chic! Her hair also looks great in a casual messy bun.  However, there are a few ways to improve this look!

While I love those alaia shoes, I think that this outfit would totally benefit form a little more color!  For a huge selection for alaia shoes check out Resultly. I love how strappy the shoes are too, and you can definitely wear them and still get major sytle points, however. I would probably rock these sexy red alaia shoes instead! You can find them on net-a-porter They will for sure add a pop to this look, plus are super super cute! They also take this outfit to the next level and a very fashion forward way.

Red Alaia shoes

I also feel like this look would benefit from a cool piece of statement jewelry. Personally, I would add a gold chunky necklace via nordstrom. It will give an edgier vibe to this overall look. Plus, gold will look really nice paired with the deep red color of the alaia booties! If silver is more your style, then you can rock a chunky silver necklace instead.


gold necklace

Between the alaie shoes and that chunky gold necklace the styling of this look is on point. I wouldn’t add any other accessories to this look. Maybe a small brown cross body purse of wristlet, but nothing that will distract from the look.

When it comes to the hair style for this look we have a few options. People seem to be obsessed with this messy bun craze. While I do like a good messy sock bun, and think it looks completely fine with this look, I think we can do better. Why not try some sexy waves or a blow out?  Mermaid waves would be perfect because they would still give you that messy casual vibe.

Long wavy hair will add a nice touch to this look and make it look super natural. However, if you want to rock that  messy sock bun, be my guest. Under no circumstances wear a hat though. That may be a bit overkill.

Well there you have it! Thats my weekend style!

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